Internal Policies

The Internal Policies interface can be accessed by selecting Governance in the menu.

The Internal Policies window helps companies setup their basic routing and approval policies. Approvals are generally the key internal control within an organization. QCDocs allows a very systematic process for initiating, storing, notifying, approving such documents with a complete audit trail.

For example, you may have a rule that expense reports over $2,500 require two approvers. In this case, as expense reports are routed for approval, a message pops up reminding the approver of the policy to forward the expense report on to a secondary approver.

These policies are normally created by the owner/management team and setup when QCDocs is implemented. Such rules then allow users to have the system guide them through processes in compliance with company policy.


Adding a New Rule
  1. At the bottom of the screen, select the document type for which you want to setup a rule.
  2. Select the rule in terms of greater than or less than and set the dollar threshold for documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Expense Reports, Sales Orders, etc. For vacation requests the rule is in terms of days off requested.
  3. Select single or double to indicate how many approvals are needed for the rule.
  4. Select ADD and the rule will be added in the system.
Deleting/Editing a Rule
  1. Rules can be deleted by clicking on the remove button on the right.
  2. You cannot edit a rule at this time - you need to delete and recreate the rule to edit an existing rule.
  3. The order of policies within the setup screen does not impact functionality.
Other Policy Controls

Other Policy controls within QCDocs can be enabled through User Management by creating labels for approvers within each individuals approval settings. For example you may want to have certain personnel responsible for approving certain types of expenses such as Marketing expenses or lab expenses, in which case, that approval label is added to that persons list.


The internal policies within QCDocs are designed to help users comply with policies, not force, compliance. As such when applicable a reminder to personnel on what those policies are.