The Setup button manages basic communication and application settings for QCDocs Desktop and Portal, including:


Network and database (DB) settings need only be configured when first installing QCDocs Desktop. QCDocs Desktop requires internet access to function. The network settings that allow QCDocs desktop to communicate with its server are configured here. QCDocs uses specific UDP ports to communicate with the server. Please contact your IT department to ensure these ports are available.

If you have problems connecting to the internet, check your internet connections. If you can access your internet but cannot access QCDocs Desktop confirm with your IT provider that you have outbound access to Port 1433 and 1001.

If you work with multiple companies within QCDocs, such as organizations with subsidiaries or branches or bookkeepers and accountants that work with multiple clients, QCDocs has the ability for you to stay connected via messaging and presence awareness to those companies even if you are working within another company. This is particularly helpful in maintaining communications with multiple organizations and users within QCDocs.


Filing structure comes populated based on the template specified (Canadian/US and Technology/Biotech/Manufacturing/Professional Services/Junior Resource/Mining/Other). The File Structure of QCDocs can be completely customized to your specific requirements and workflow needs.


Adding a New Directory
To add a new directory, simply select where you want your new directory, enter a label and press ok. The directory will be added at one level below where you’ve selected unless you check make it top level.
Top Level

You can move the new or existing directories around using the arrow buttons. If you want to move a directory to a different level you need to delete and add a new directory at that applicable level.

Deleting a Directory
You simply delete a directory using the delete button. You cannot delete a directory with documents in it, so you will need to move out any documents out first.

Changing File Directory Name
To edit the name of a directory you just double click on the name and a text box will appear that will allow you to edit the name accordingly.

Security and Access Rights
You can control the access rights for any directory within QCDocs File using the Access Control check boxes. To restrict someone’s access rights, select the directory and then select the check box next to the person's name.


Important internal controls entail segregation of duties which can be managed through these access control settings. Recommended segregation of duties include:


Access to the various components of QCDocs is managed through Privileges. Nearly every feature in QCDocs as a privilege associated with it. In most cases, the privileges are very straightforward.

QCDocs contains a significant amount of confidential information about your company. It is highly recommended that Administrators take a minimal-privilege approach when setting up users. In other words, only give users access to the items they require.


Portal: Privileges required by QCDocs Portal users are all prefixed with “web: “ to simplify locating them.