Logging Into The Portal

Your company’s QCDocs Corporate Portal is available to you from any computer with access to the Internet. You can access your corporate portal at www.qcdocs.com or through a direct link provided by your QCDocs Administrator.


To access your company’s Corporate Portal you require a username and password. This can be obtained from your company’s QCDocs Administrator. To log in, simply enter your Username, Password and the Company name provided by your administrator. These are not case sensitive.

If you will be logging on using the same account on a regular basis from a secure computer, click the Remember me on this computer checkbox. Your Username and Company will then be automatically filled in. This feature should not be used if the computer you are using is a shared or public computer.

Note: We recommend that you change your password during your first session to ensure privacy and security.

Password Reminder

If you have forgotten your name or password, click on the link on the bottom of the login box. Enter the email that you use for QCDocs. This is the email that you receive QCDoc notifications from. Click Send Password. The QCDocs usernames and passwords associated to that email will be sent to your inbox.