My Tasks
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My Tasks is where you go to manage those areas relevant to you, such as approvals, receiving of goods and services, payment of bills or receiving of cheques from customers.

In addition this is where you access messages sent through QCDocs, setup your contact information, change your password, access your private folder (personnel file) and view a history of every document you’ve ever approved within the system.

Authorization Inbox

Many documents in QCDocs, such as expense reports, purchase orders, and time off requests go through an approval process. The workflow and security of the approval process is managed by your QCDocs Administrator in QCDocs Desktop. If you are not responsible for approving any documents, you won’t have access to this area. How to set up Authorization.

The My Approvals section allows you to View the document, view the History of the document, Approve the document, Decline the document and add Comments to the document.

Approval Alerts
When a document is routed to you for approval through QCDocs Desktop or by an accounting form in the Corporate Portal, you will receive an Email Alert and the number in the Auth field in the Status Bar will increment. Setting up your email address for notifications.

Some users are directly responsible for key business processes including shipping, receiving, PO management, payment of bills and receipt of cheques. These processes are managed through the Responsibilities pages. As documents move through their workflow, they are routed to the responsible people for each of the processes listed below. When they arrive, the status bar is updated to alert users to the presence of new documents.

Open POs

The Open POs Responsibilities page is designed those responsible for receiving and managing purchase orders. From this screen, open purchase orders can be viewed, edited and then closed when the items arrive. Once closed, the purchase order is then routed to the next stop in its workflow.

Note: Purchase Orders should only be closed when all items have been received.

Accounts Receivable

When cheques arrive and are deposited, the Accounts Receivable document associated must be updated and marked as deposited. To do this, simply located the matching Accounts Receivable Document and click the Deposit button.

Accounts Payable

Once a purchase order is closed, it is automatically routed to accounts payable for payment. The Accounts Payable Requirements screen allows the responsible person to approve invoices for payment.