Time Off Requests

Everyone should take time off. Time Off requests provide a simple interface to track and schedule vacation, sick and other time off requests.

Time Off Requests
How do I fill out a Time Off Request?
  1. Please check your Company Policies for Time Off requests by pressing the policy button on the Time Off Request form.
  2. Fill out the time off request (for planned days off) or notification (for unplanned days off, such as sick days) by using the Category drop down box.
  3. Enter the dates required off in the Date From and Date To fields.
  4. Determine how many working days you are requesting off, and enter this number into the Number of working days field.
  5. Please see your Company Policy and enter a Reason in the appropriate field if necessary.
  6. Select the appropriate approver and click Preview to view then submit your request form.
  7. To view the status of your request, please see the Accounting Document History by clicking Accounting Forms, then History.

Note: If you want to book more than one period off, you have to fill out multiple time off requests.