Time Tracker

The Time Tracker helps businesses track and report on the time its staff spends working on various projects, clients and other tasks. The Time Tracker is extremely useful for tracking overall project costs or when reporting for government grants.

Time Tracker
How do I fill out the Time Tracker?

The Time Tracker lets you view your entered time for the current day, week or month. These can be changed by using the Show by pulldown menu just under the data entry area.

  1. Select the date you are entering time for by clicking the Forward or Back arrows, or by clicking the Calendar icon in the top bar.
  2. Enter your Hours worked and a Description of your work in the appropriate fields.
  3. Select billable if your time is to be billed to a client. Please see your Company Policy for information about billable time.
  4. Select any corresponding Tags for the period entered (such as a project or account). Please see your Company Policy for more information about using Tags.
  5. Click the Log Time button.

Note: If your description doesn’t change between entries, click the Keep Description checkbox. The system will then save your last description and you can apply it to other days or entries.


Grid View

Grid View is useful for entering high volume of time entries. You can switch between grid and detailed view without losing any data.

  1. Select the date range.
  2. Using the grid on the bottom of the screen, you can enter multiple items at one time.
  3. Fill out the date, description, and hours.
  4. You can select a row and Lookup to auto fill your description.
  5. Select a Customer and/or Account tags (Refer to Policy).
  6. Select Update.